Bio - David Voyevoda

  Hello!  My name is David Voyevoda!  I am a fine art landscape and adventure photographer based out of the Calgary, Alberta area.  I have always been fascinated with taking pictures since I was a little kid; from portraits of my cat to being the chief disposable camera operator for family vacations.  However, as soon as I began practising with my first DSLR, I was immediately hooked.  I immersed myself in the art and learned and shot as much as I could.

Always living within close proximity to the Rockies, I am absolutely captivated by the mountains.  I love to create impactful, stirring images that evoke wonder and emotion.   

For me, photography is storytelling.  My images are the ink and paper showing how I the artist experienced and interpreted the scene around me.                          

Shooting some water flow at the bottom of a canyon in eastern Iceland

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